Divisions & Departments

The office of the Columbus City Attorney is an elective position with the term of office being four years.

In the words of the Columbus City Charter, the City Attorney is “…the legal adviser of and attorney and counsel for the city, and for all officers and departments thereof in matters relating to their official duties.” Sections 66 through 78 of the City Charter prescribe in full the scope of the City Attorney’s responsibilities.

Legislation enacted by City Council authorizes a table of organization that permits up to148 full time employees and up to 47 part time employees. However, because of budget constraints, the number of full-time employees is 126 while the number of part-time employees is 33. Of the full-time employees, 58 are attorneys. Most employees’ salaries are paid out of the City’s General Fund, while others are paid for through either Enterprise Funds or Grants Funds.

The work of the office is carried on through several units of organization which are located in various offices throughout the City of Columbus.

Claims Division Real Estate Division Police Legal Advisor
77 North Front Street 77 North Front Street 120 Marrconi Blvd
4th Floor 4th Floor 8th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215 Columbus, OH 43215 Columbus, OH 43215
614-645-7385 614-645-7712 614-645-4530
Civil Division Prosecutor Division Zone Initiative
77 North Front Street 375 South High St. 375 South High St.
4th Floor 7th & 17th Floors 17th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215 Columbus, OH 43215 Columbus, OH 43215
614-645-7385 614-645-7483 614-645-7483
General Counsel Chief Prosecutor
Litigation Prosecutions Resources Unit  
Labor and Employment Appellate Unit  
  Domestic Violence/Stalking Unit  
  Mediation Program  
  Traffic Diversion Program  
  Check Resolution Program